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FAM Stumabo focusses on the development of industrial cutting machines and the production of precision knives and parts. Located in Florida, we provide our customers with the solutions they need for the cutting of potato chips and French fries. At this location, we also have a customer experience center, our stock and spareparts to have you up and running in no time. Over the past 60 years, we established a long lasting close cooperation with highly reliable influential partners in the industrial food processing market. That allows us to present you exactly those innovations and revolutions you have been looking for. 
Potato Chips
FAM Stumabo proudly presents the innovative, patented FAM Centris™ product line, for the centrifugal slicing of potato and vegetable chips. Tried and tested since 2015, the line has proven to result in more quality, better ROI, less waste and lower cost of ownership. 
The line consists of patented technology, including
• our user friendly SureSet 16 cutting heads and DualStage impellers which fit your centrifugal slicing machine
• an ever expanding range of blades in all shapes and sizes 
• high and mid capacity, low maintenance centrifugal slicing machines
French Fries
For French fries processing, the new and innovative FAM Tridis 240P dicer is your top choice. It sets the bar in terms of capacity, cut quality, hygiene, simplicity and maintenance. Moreover, compared to other available dicers in the industry, the FAM Tridis 240 increases capacity by 10% to 40%.

Potato Chips

Our top of the line innovation is the SureSet 16 cutting head, the result of extensive R&D and adjustments based on feedback by customers that have been using our solution since 2015. The results speak for themselves: by using our patented SureSet 16 cutting head in combination with our DualStage impeller, our test customers save money because they witness
• Up to 50% less scrap during slicing
• Up to 30% less starch loss
• Nearly no tapered slices
• No thick end caps
• Reduced oil uptake
• 4 times more capacity than your current system with 8 knives
In the words of Jorn Remmem, Director of Plant Operations and Engineering at Old Dutch Foods:

“We are still impressed with the difference in both quality and performance: there’s lower scrap rate, less starch loss and nearly no tapered slices. Our process is more stable: less variability and better yield. We are able to produce more product at a higher quality”
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French Fries

Increased capacity, quality and easier maintenance

FAM Stumabo has a long tradition in processing French fries. Latest member in the family is the FAM Tridis 240P, the newest high-capacity dicer from FAM for the French fry industry. 
It doesn’t only offer a perfect cutting quality with minimal waste and starch losses, but also makes machine maintenance easy as ABC. All thanks to the cartridge system for the removal of shafts and bearings and the movable electrical cabinet that ensures easy access to the drive compartment. 

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Ready to earn money?

Are you sick of losing money every day you’re re not using our revolutionary, patented cutting technology? Do you want to be a part of the change coming to how potato chips and French fries are cut? Are you ready to discover what you have to gain by using our innovative solutions?


If you answered yes, we are ready to meet. 
We promise you a revolutionary technology that will change your view on processing. It has been tried, tested and approved by market leaders in your industry. FAM Stumabo is based in Florida and has what it takes to develop a solid partnership: an experienced team, a test center, a spare parts department and a service and maintenance team. 
But you don’t have to take our word for it. Schedule your audit, trial or test in our center or at your facility. 

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