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FAM Stumabo is the US branch of the European Market Leaders FAM, industrial food cutting machines, and Stumabo, high precision blades for food. Located in Florida, FAM Stumabo provides customers with everything they need for cutting of potato chips and French fries. 

Potato Chips

FAM & Stumabo developed the NECSTTM Program (Next Evolution in Centrifugal Slicing Technology) to provide an answer to the key issues in the potato chips processing market. With all the patented and patent pending innovations, the Sure Slice Technology will help processors to achieve a lower scrap rate, less starch loss and near elimination of tapered slices. In short, perfect and consistent slicing quality.

French Fries

For French fries processing, the new and innovative FAM Tridis 240P dicer that carries smart design even further and sets the bar in terms of capacity, cut quality, hygiene, simplicity and maintenance. Moreover, compared to other available dicers in the industry, the FAM Tridis 240 increases capacity by 10% to 40%.

Potato Chips

The potato chips industry is a growing and actively innovative market, where processors are constantly looking for the next best thing. FAM & Stumabo developed NECSTTM, an ambitious R&D project to provide an answer to the key issues in the potato chips processing market.

Patented and patent pending innovations like GapSetTM Technology, MultiStage Impeller and Lightweight Design combine into the 'Sure Slice Technology'. Result is a lower scrap rate, less starch loss, near elimination of tapered slices, longer blade lifetime and better overall efficiency.

NECST consists out of a range of centrifugal slicers, cutting heads, parts and blades for the potato chips industry. For more information, visit necst.solutions.

French Fries

FAM & Stumabo have a long tradition in processing French fries, from the patented Conibot technology to the first French fry dicer for crinkle cut.

Now we have introducted the FAM Tridis 240P, the newest high-capacity dicer from FAM for the French fry industry. 

Besides a perfect cutting quality, machine maintenance has to be flawless. The FAM Tridis 240P stands out with its cartridge system for the removal of shafts and bearings and the movable electrical cabinet that ensures easy access to the drive compartment as well.

When processing high volumes, it is particularly important for cutting to be performed with minimum levels of waste and starch losses. If the cell structure of the potato is badly damaged during dicing, the potato will lose more starch and moisture. This quickly adds up on large-scale processing lines.

The FAM Tridis 240P combines optimal product throughput with a fast transit speed and minimum travel path to offer excellent cutting quality and minimum loss levels.

Our Promise

Our promise to you is a revolutionary technology, tested and aqcuired by the European market leaders, that will change your view on processing. FAM Stumabo is based in Florida and has what it takes to develop a solid partnership: an experienced team, a fully equipped with a test centre, a spare parts department and a service and maintenance team. 

After some great successes in the European market, we now want to bring a new technology to the American market. We invite you to review our technology for yourself, and contact our team to schedule your trial or test in our centre or at your facility.

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Cutting Technology Manager
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Application Engineer

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